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Our Services

We offer a full spectrum of services to help companies make a profit. Our work covers web design, market research, marketing strategy, digital, brand, content, and advertising on multi-media. And we offer services across different geographies in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

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Website Design

We provide a web-building service that creates innovative and effective websites, helping to shine your company profile perfectly. Our outstanding UI-UX design will navigate your audience through an immersive experience with well-crafted design. 

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Marketing Strategy

With our marketing strategy, your business will always stand out from the crowd. We build innovative marketing gimmicks and creative ideas to take your business to the next level. Our new marketing technologies create possibilities for products everywhere.

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Content Creation

We maximize your potential by result-proven content posting & management. We have dedicated experts, designers, and copywriters. All working to give you tailored and holistic content creation everywhere.

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Digital Advertising

Drive website traffic, and generating higher quality leads have never been that easy. We help out in targeting a specific audience that will yield higher. You don't even need an inbound marketing team because we will handle it all.

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Data Analytics 

We provide you with data analysis services to get into customers. By giving you detailed, real-time insight into how people interact with your products, Coo helps you to experience performance at scale. You can discover tangible benefits & cost savings that many brands experienced after working with us.

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Market Research

Whether you're new or experienced in market research, we have a 20-year expert to support you. We do relevant research on attributes and ways of managing the necessities of your business's target market, etc. With Coo, you can seize insight into opportunities that might exist regarding product development and market selection.

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